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Friday, 14 June 2013

Just be Yourself

Pesanan buat pelajar2 sekolah rendah, menengah & asrama..
yg pernah (dibuli, dipukul & dibelasah) dgn teruk ketika di sekolah..

no matter what, once in ur life, someone will (hurt) u !!..
that someone, will take all that u are and rip it into pieces..

but through the breakdown, u will (learn) something about urself..
u will learn that u are actually (strong) enough to handle it (alone)..

"think of them like a (sand paper), they may scratch and hurt u a bit..
but in the end, u will end up (polished), while they end up (useless).."

remember, u are the (chosen one) among hundreds of people..
because, u are not the same type as others do..

"they always laugh at u because u are different..
but, u will laugh at them because they're all the same.."

and that is why, enemies may get jealous and angry with u..
so, they will make sure that u are suffer with (pain) and (blood)!!

no matter how hard u have been suffered in ur life before..
how many of ur (tears) which no one would hear and see..

plez, dun't u ever (revenge) of what they have been done to u..
lets bygone be bygone.. be matured and gentleman...

in the future, plez don't be like a (Gangster) as them does..
be a (Superhero), that will help many people in danger..

build a strong (confidence) and (strength) in your soul..
stay (focus) and high (commitment) of what u doing right now..

soon, u will find a success path through ur journey..
because, u already have a lot of (experience) during ur lifetime..

remember that; "u are not alone..."
because; "Allah, will always besides u..."

p/s : final exam berakhir tadi petang.. fuhh lega..

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