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About Us - author

Realridz is a blog featuring elements of motivation, religious about the Islamic, sharing interesting things and  the writer and his activities since the era of school until now. This blog is known as blog rwanridzuan before re-branding to realridz. Migration of this blog has been done on 11th June 2013 to address Starting from there, realridz blog has made changes to the better quality to the readers more interesting to read, view and stopover.

My Bio

My name is Mohamad Ridzuan bin Abdul Majid and I was born on 27 April 1991 in Penang. I lived in Jelutong most of my life except between the ages of 12 until 16, when my family moved to the Jalan JK R (Sungai Pinang) and moved back at Jelutong at my age 16. I have four sibling. I'm forth from them..

After graduating from Jelutong high-school, I further my studied at Institut Kemahiran MARA (Artikulasi and Computer Technology) In 2009 until end of 2011. In January 2012, I began studying Network Security at German - Malaysia Institute until now.

I enjoyed my studies to a large extent, but also found them frustrating many times. InsyaAllah, I want to further my study to get the further more in future.

I am particularily intersted in Computer Hardware, art and writing. I've been art drawing since I was 7 years old, but more on Computing it was not very serious until I started studying in this field...

Last but not least I hope one day I will become a example in front of my parents eyes. .I am strongly belive that If I was born to become a engineer, any obstacle that happen i'm able to face it. InsyaAllah.

Name : Mohamad Ridzuan Abdul Majid.

Date of Birth : 27 April 1991 (22 Syawal 1411).

Place of Birth : Hospital Bersalin, Pulau Pinang.

Latest Education Place  : 
Universiti Science Malaysia

Latest Course : Political Science

Favourite Food : Fried Rice.

Favourite Drink : Milo Ice.

Official Residence : Jelutong (Georgetown) Penang.

Ambition : Education (Teacher).

Hobby : Blogging, Reading.

Points of interest (Hang out in The Evening) : Seaside

Number of siblings : 4 of 4  siblings (2 Boys, 2 Girls)

Education Timeline :

Tadika Kemas Pokok Asam. - Kindergarten
SK Jelutong Barat - Primary School
SMK Jelutong - Secondary Sechool
GIATMARA Bukit Gelugor (Teknology Computer) - Training Center
Institut Kemahiran MARA, Sik ( Engineering Computer) - Institute training
German -  Malaysia Institute (GMi) Bangi - University
Universiti Science Malaysia - Professional Kit (Microsoft)

Philosophy of Life : Successful in the World and Hereafter.

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