Doakan Kejayaan Seluruh Umat Islam di Dunia.. #PrayForUmmah
Rabbir Yassir Wala Tu'assir Rabbi Tammim Bil Khair

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Love doesn't hurt

Rejection hurts. Betrayal hurts.
An absence of a person hurts.

Those acts were the actions that against the act of love. People misunderstood it with love.

True love accepts you when everyone rejected you. True love heals you when everyone broke you. True love forgives you when everyone punished you.

True love wakes you up on 3 AM.
Listening to you broken voices.
Healing your broken heart.
Accepting your du'a.

He is the only one who is always there for you
He is the only one who is always accepting you
He is the only one who will always love you

True love doesn't hurt. Maybe we just bumped into the wrong person.

Wa iza sa'a laka ibadi , Fainni Qarib :’)

-Luqman san